New Cinema Collective
The Emerging Power of Asian Cinema
Online programme|25-28 Feb 2021
Screenings in cinema|14-28 Mar 2021

Organized by New Cinema Collective, The Emerging Power of Asian Cinema aims to bring Hong Kong young filmmakers new inspiration and insight. Through case studies of Asian independent and art film productions and conversations with industry professionals, the programme seeks to illuminate new possibilities in Hong Kong film production and offer new perspectives to emerging filmmakers. 

Curated into three thematic strands – Co-production, Post-production: Editing, and International Distribution, the programme presents more than 20 films from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, goes hybrid with physical/online screenings, online post-screening talks, masterclass and panel discussion with film professionals.

Conversation is more important than ever in times of pandemic. We are excited to welcome overseas film professionals to continue the dialogue online with Hong Kong emerging film professionals, including WONG Chun (Director of Mad World), Jun LI (Director of Drifting), CHAN Kin Long (Director of Hand Rolled Cigaretteand Didi WU (Programmer of Hong Kong Asian Film Festival). We hope the programme becomes a place where international and local film professionals can come together and create new opportunities for collaboration. 


This section introduces innovative co-production companies such as Epicmedia Productions from Philippines, Momo Film Co from Singapore and KUZOKU from Japan by screening selected films they co-produced; the programme also looks into three case studies of independent co-production from Southeast Asia and Hong Kong: Singing in Graveyards, A Land Imagined and Blue Islandwith their producers and directors breaking different production routes.

Post-production: Editing

This section brings editing into the spotlight with two acclaimed editors in Asia – Matthieu LACLAU, who won Golden Horse Awards for Best Film Editing with the film A Touch of Sin, and Lee CHATAMETIKOOL,  who is a long-time collaborator with Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL. Through screening selected debut and second features they edited, along with online masterclass and panel, LACLAU and CHATAMETIKOOL will  share their creative process and how they work with emerging directors.

International Distribution on Chinese-language Film

This section invites a line-up of professionals – Ablaze Image, Aview Images and Parallax Films, specialising in new Chinese-language cinema and showcases debut features they launched. It explores works of international distribution, and new opportunities during the pandemic. The programme also presents various Chinese-language short films that show us the potential of short film in reacting to current issues.

“In the midst of uncertainty, we still believe Hong Kong holds many unheard stories, histories and emotions, and it is also home to young creative talents who are ambitious to push the boundary in film-making and our world.”

New Cinema Collective

is an initiative that celebrates innovative and creative films through connecting Hong Kong filmmakers with international film professionals. It is committed to supporting creative expression, facilitating collaboration across countries and nurturing local creative talents through thematic screenings, training and research.

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